Empty Hourglass Program In-House Counsel Program

Most small and mid-sized companies don’t want to add six figures to the payroll to employ in-house counsel.

But what if you did?

What if you had a lawyer on payroll, sitting in the office right next door, door open, at her desk, ready for business? What would you ask her? What would she be able to do for your company that isn’t getting done now?

Those are the thoughts behind our Empty Hourglass Program In-House Counsel Program.

1. Create Your Program

We work with you to determine your legal priorities and turn that into your customized EHP® In-House Counsel Program. Examples of In-House Counsel elements include:

  • Review and revision of personnel manuals
  • Contract review and analysis
  • Preparation of Buy/Sell Agreements
  • HR troubleshooting and dispute resolution
  • Preparation of employment agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Seminars for hiring managers and supervisory personnel
  • Collection assistance
  • Negotiation and drafting of severance agreements
  • Trademark review and filing
  • Management team facilitation
  • Contract drafting
  • Corporate reorganization

2. Choose the Term

We work with our clients to choose the term of their In-House Counsel Program. Some prefer to set quarterly goals and evaluate the Program every three months. Others enroll one year at a time. The choice depends entirely on each company’s priorities.

3. Choose Your Price

Once we agree on a scope of work, we give you a price to be divided into equal monthly payments throughout the term. Since we began the Program, clients have selected payment plans ranging from $1,000 to $7,500 per month.

The one imperative in pricing is this: Wagonheim & Associates, LLC will not agree to enroll a client unless we can agree, to our mutual satisfaction, that the value our law firm provides is more than the price our clients pay.