Empty Hourglass Program®

We designed Empty Hourglass Program® (EHP®) to handle those day-to-day questions that arise in every company.

As our clients tell us, not a day goes by when someone in their organization doesn’t want to “run it by legal” if only they wouldn’t get billed for every phone call.

Here are just a few examples:

  • “We’re bringing on a new partner/member/shareholder.”
  • “Can I fire this employee?”
  • “How should I handle this employee issue?”
  • “Can you help us collect money we’re owed?”
  • “We’re being sued.”
  • “We’re buying a company.”
  • “We’d like to position our company for sale.”
  • “We need help with succession planning.”
  • “Can you prepare our year-end resolutions?”

With all this, our concern is about the calls we’re not getting. We suspect we’re not being used as a resource by front-line personnel such as A/R clerks, on-site project managers, or supervisors, perhaps because they lack the authority to start the lawyer’s meter running. So we both lose out. Our firm loses the chance to deepen a relationship; and our client loses an opportunity for advice often when it would be most effective – before the problem actually arises.

That’s why we started EHP® – the Empty Hourglass Program®.

  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Unlimited emails and correspondence
  • Annual good standing reviews
  • Annual corporate review of SDAT filings
  • Updated corporate minutes
  • Monthly in-person conference or conference call
  • Contract review and analysis (depending upon level of EHP® Program)
  • Reduced fees for seminars and workshops


There are no long-term contracts. EHP® is a month-to-month program which can be terminated at any time. Payment is accepted by ACH or credit card on the first of every month.


Pricing for EHP® is based upon each individual client’s needs and begins at $350 per month and typically ranges from $500 to $750.