General Counsel

Do your due diligence and look elsewhere, that?s where you will see the vast contrast. Is when you walk into Eliot’s office and you sit down and talk to him. You feel very comfortable. He?s very upfront and honest. The best piece of advice I can give to anyone is to look at the way other lawyers operate, because when you work with Eliot, you will see a big difference between the two.

Brenndan Mohler, President, Employee One Benefit Solutions

Anyone can tell you you?re important to them. But when they?ve already answered your question and they call you later in the evening just to see if you want to discuss things further because they know you?re really concerned about an issue, you know you?re with someone who actually spends time thinking about you.

Dr. Jonathan Kaufman, Owner, Eastern Animal Hospital

Business Corporate

I don?t view the firm as a vendor. And I don?t view the fees I pay as expenses. I view [Wagonheim Law] as a partner, and the fees I pay as investments. I just have an implicit trust with the firm. If I text Eliot at 7:00 at night, I?m going to get a text back. If I text Kim and she?s sick with the flu, I?m going to get a text back. I just feel very comfortable discussing any and all topics with the firm. I?ve discussed H/R, contracts, company purchases and sales, environmental concerns, just about anything. One thing I really appreciated was when I asked them to handle something and they told me that they felt another firm that specialized in that area could do it better. They weren?t just looking to take the business, they were looking out for me.

Bob Falter, President Multi-Management, Inc. (owner/operator in 50+ Jiffy Lube franchises)


I?ve known Eliot as an attorney for over 25 years. He helped me start, organize, and run three separate businesses. When I call him, I have an understanding that he knows my business. The kind of advice I get from [WL] is practical and common sense in addition to information from a legal perspective. Over the course of my career, and certainly with my previous employers in the construction industry, I?ve seen and been in court with 50, 60 lawyers. Eliot always struck me, even before I was working with him, as being the best ? most prepared, approached the situation most logically.

Richard Scott, President, Ridge Valley Contractors, Inc.

The Wagonheim Law Firm has been instrumental in helping me start and run my business. And most importantly, from my standpoint, I trust each and every person I work with at the firm.

Richard Scott, President, Ridge Valley Contractors, Inc.

Eliot has carried the day during our negotiations on contract language for major infrastructure projects. His ability to articulate subtle changes to wording will save us potential headaches down the road.

Jim J., Sr. Vice President, WM

Eliot taught us how to significantly lower our risk by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars without damaging the valuable relationships we count on.

Steve Fritz, Vice President


What struck us was that Wagonheim Law handled the issue strategically, and not just from a legal perspective. We found their approach engaging and understandable. We got a great result and resolved at that point to make sure we counted them as one of our primary business advisors.

Legacy Builders & Construction Services, Inc.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When the time came to sell the business, Wagonheim Law walked us through the process, protected our interests at every turn, and helped us walk away with exactly what we wanted. We could not have asked for better.

Linda Chisholm, Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens

Real Estate

Everybody at Wagonheim that I have met and interacted with starting with Eliot, has taken the time to ask me about my business and ask me about the goals of my business and history of my customers. And once they have a firm grasp of it of how we do business with our customers, they are able to guide me appropriately whether it?s reviewing a lease or reviewing a contract or answering employee related questions. The people at Wagonheim really take the time to get to know me. So that they can direct me and my business the way that I want it to go.

Ashley Van Pelt, President, Native Terrain Restoration Services

Empty Hourglass Program (EHP)

Looking back, before we enrolled in the EHP [Empty Hourglass Program], we?ve had situations where we could have saved a ton of money if we had called [Wagonheim Law] under EHP instead of waiting for something to become a real problem.

Jimmy Stewart, Vice President, Legacy Builders and Contractors, Inc.

[The Empty Hourglass Program] keeps issues from growing from molehills into mountains because you were able to reach out and make a quick call without hesitation.

Tyler Tate, President, Lewis Contractors