• S.T.O.P. Before Signing Someone Else’s Contract

    Before signing someone else’s contract, every business owner should train his or her staff to S.T.O.P. Scope of Work Termination Other Obligations Payment Terms Scope of Work.  What is it you are obligating your business to do by signing the… Read More

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once

    This past weekend, I found myself building three raised garden beds for my son’s elementary school. One could easily tell that the project was as low-tech and unsophisticated as construction could possibly be by the simple fact that I was doing it. But there… Read More

  • If You Build It, They Will Come

    Some people can close their eyes and see every detail of what they want to create. I have a client like this. He and his wife were building their dream house on the water. And he could envision everything. He could close his eyes… Read More

  • Out of the Minds of Babies?

    By Guest Blogger: Michael J. Lentz, Esquire In November, 1787, James Madison, writing under the shared pseudonym Publius in the New York Packet, published one of the watershed documents in the constitutional development of our nation. In the tenth essay, in… Read More

  • SBA Loans the Elixir of Life for Startups or Going Concerns? ( Part II)

      Last week, in response to popular demand, I discussed one of the two major types of SBA loan: the Section 7(a) Loan (if you missed it, click here. This week, I wanted to finish the discussion of SBA programs by… Read More

  • What Thomas’ English Muffins Can Teach You About Non-Compete Agreements

    A week or so ago, I came across a story in the legal press that reminded me of something I wish more of my clients would focus on: Non-Compete Agreements. The story was about a lawsuit filed against Chris Botticella, a former… Read More

  • The Handshake vs. the Written Contract

    I may be a bit younger in years, but I can still recall when a “handshake and a promise” deal actually meant something. Perhaps some of my confidence in another’s word stems from my small-town Mississippi roots. Nonetheless, in today’s economy, your… Read More

  • Contracting Basics: Why Boring Things Like Venue and Jurisdiction Matter

    In the last 12 months, my firm helped our clients close transactions and manage litigation in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, and Washington State — all from our sole office location in Hunt Valley, Maryland.    We’re hardly alone…. Read More