Marketing Momentum in the New Year

We all know the resolution drill. The new year marks the welcome of new beginnings and a commitment to resolutions focused toward adopting healthier lifestyles. Come the new year, gyms and fitness clubs across the country will be filled with people sweating off the holiday pounds.  Yet, by spring many of those same people are on the way to the office without a workout in sight. With one bite of a calorie-filled blueberry muffin, the resolution once made with dedication is no longer a priority.


Marketing your business can easily be compared to this all-too-common scenario. As soon as a new product is rolled out or new service offered, a business quickly plans a strategy to get the word out to consumers to increase sales and visibility to target audiences. Spending merely a few weeks working to get your business or product noticed, building your brand, and expanding your network will most likely not offer you the same results as making a constant, consistent effort.


Think about the results you get from exercising. A few weeks of dedication at the gym may result in a pair of pants one size smaller, but months later they aren’t going to fit if you haven’t maintained a consistent workout regimen.   The same can be said for your business. You may feel good when business is busy and profits are up, but you must put yourself and your business at the forefront and keep marketing to consumers to stay visible.  It takes commitment.  It takes a plan.
An easy way to commit to marketing your business year-round is by creating a marketing plan. If this is your businesses’ first attempt, consider consulting a professional or start small by creating a short-term marketing plan with smaller, attainable goals that can be reached in shorter time.  Near the end of the short-term marketing plan, evaluate your goals and consider expanding to a long-term marketing plan with annual goals.
As daunting and time-consuming as a marketing plan may seem, the following are a few simple activities that can be done every week to help increase your brand awareness in the community:

  • Attend industry networking events
  • Volunteer to lecture or speak at appropriate professional associations or community organization meetings
  • Write editorial pieces based on recent news affecting your industry for your local newspaper
  • Sponsor local events or charities


While a plethora of practices can be considered for use, the invariable ingredient to a successful marketing formula is consistency and rhythm.  Allotting the time for habitual marketing will help to steadily build a company’s brand visibility. Additionally, the regularity in practices will help to avoid making resolutions to get a business back in shape. Let’s face it…resolutions are tricky to keep, especially if they involve going to a gym, but if it’s better marketing you want, take the time and make the commitment to a solid marketing plan and adopt a proactive mentality. It could be as simple as turning on your computer once a week and researching opportunities online, blueberry muffin in hand.

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