EHP Plan Details

Fees: $350 monthly via ACH drawn on the 1st of each month.

Cancellation Policy:The client may cancel at any time and for any reason. Notice of cancellation can be sent in writing by fax, regular mail or e-mail, just as long as we get it in writing. We must receive the notice no later than the 20th of any given month to avoid processing the charge for the following month. A client may not re-enroll in a Plan within 6 months following a cancellation.

WL reserves the right to cancel with 30 days notice to the client. WL will, however, complete all work and matters referred to us under the plan prior to the end of the month in which our cancellation occurs.

Sign-Up Procedure: Call us, fax us, write to us, e-mail us, send a carrier pigeon – however you want to reach out to us, we’re here. Follow these simple steps and we’ll schedule an orientation discussion at your convenience – either in person or over the phone. That’s it.

Services included with EHP Plan

Unlimited Phone Calls. Every day, clients call us for answers on everything from employee & HR concerns to contract clauses, A/R and collection strategies, vendor issues, liability concerns or any one of the hundreds of business issues they face every day. All of these are included in the plan. Whether the call comes from your CEO, a collection manager, or a project superintendent, and regardless of whether the call takes 5 minutes or 2 hours, Plan participants will never see a bill. The only time we will bill Plan participants for phone calls is when the calls relate to a specific matter on which we have reached separate hourly billing arrangements, such as a law suit or the purchase/sale of a company. Unless a specific file has been opened, however, all communications are included and completely non-billable.

Unlimited Correspondence. Some people prefer to communicate via e-mail, fax, letter or even text. The same rules apply here as with the phone calls.

Unlimited Demand Letters. You know the drill: you’ve tried calling, writing, begging and pleading. Still, your non-paying customer is ducking you. Well, sometimes a letter on legal stationery – whether certified or not – grabs their attention where your friendly reminders do not. We’ll send out demand letters to as many customers as you wish. Free under either Plan.

Good Standing Review. Companies move, resident agents leave or die (either way…they leave), good standing is lost for one reason or another, and charters are even forfeited unbeknownst to the principals. Checking in with the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation as well as with the Secretaries of State for other jurisdictions in which your company is registered is an easy maintenance step to overlook and it can be very costly if you do. WL will check for good standing in each jurisdiction in which your company is registered…all for free as long as you’re part of a Plan in the first month of your fiscal year.

Contractual Review. Too many times, our advice arrives like flowers at a funeral – too late. Clients wind up paying us a lot of money to fix the problems we would have been able to prevent, had we just been consulted on the contract in the first place. In our contractual reviews, we take the time to report on the negotiating points, troublesome issues, and company-killing deal-breakers that often hide within the dense legalese of even the most innocent and fair looking documents. These points have meant hundreds of thousands of dollars to our clients – both in risks avoided and money collected. By including contractual review in our Plans, we’ve eliminated each participant’s need to choose between guessing that the contract is OK or the receipt of yet another legal bill.

Pocket Guides & Publications. Our firm places a significant value on education. To date, our popular series of Pocket Guides have always been distributed free of charge. Their popularity, however, has caused our printing costs to go through the roof. While downloads will still be free, hard copies will have to be ordered through Amazon. That being said, we’ll still keep a healthy supply of Pocket Guides and other publications on hand for Plan participants, free of charge.

Reduced Fee Seminars. In 2009, we incorporated Three Birds Education – a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established to provide growing, privately held companies with bottom line, need-to-know information on every conceivable issue facing today’s business owner. Plan participants will receive discounted registration to these offerings as well as to other educational programs offered by our firm.

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