EHP Plus Plan Details

Fees: $550 monthly via ACH drawn on the 1st of each month.

Cancellation Policy: The client may cancel at any time and for any reason. Notice of cancellation can be sent in writing by fax, regular mail or e-mail, just as long as we get it in writing. We must receive the notice no later than the 20th of any given month to avoid processing the charge for the following month. A client may not re-enroll in a Plan within 6 months following a cancellation.

WL reserves the right to cancel with 30 days notice to the client. WL will, however, complete all work and matters referred to us under the plan prior to the end of the month in which our cancelation occurs.

Sign-Up Procedure: Call us, fax us, write to us, e-mail us, send a carrier pigeon – however you want to reach out to us, we’re here. Follow these simple steps and we’ll schedule an orientation discussion at your convenience – either in person or over the phone. That’s it.

The EHP Plus Program features everything offered by the EHP Plan plus:

Contractual Review. Too many times, our advice arrives like flowers at a funeral – too late. Clients wind up paying us a lot of money to fix the problems we would have been able to prevent, had we just been consulted on the contract in the first place. In our contractual reviews, we take the time to report on the negotiating points, troublesome issues, and company-killing deal-breakers that often hide within the dense legalese of even the most innocent and fair looking documents. These points have meant hundreds of thousands of dollars to our clients – both in risks avoided and money collected. By including contractual review in our Plans, we’ve eliminated each participants need to choose between guessing that the contract is OK or the receipt of yet another legal bill.

Updated Corporate Records. Updating corporate records by drafting and executing proper resolutions and minutes is a vital part of good corporate health. Sure, it may sound trivial, but attending to these facets of a well-maintained corporation or LLC can determine whether or not the company will serve if called upon as an effective shield against personal liability. As a service to Premium Plan members, WL will work with your company to provide a set of corporate minutes and ensure that the stock ledgers and charter are up-to-date…free of charge. The only requirement is that companies must be members of the Premium Plan for the last month of their fiscal year.

Audit Response Letters. Companies which conduct annual audits know that their accountants send off letters to their law firm(s) asking for specific information regarding matters in progress and fees due. The responses must be in a specific format containing the information necessary to enable the accounting firm to complete its work. We will provide these responses free of charge for Premium Plan members.

In-Person Conference. Sometimes a telephone call doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, what is needed is a sit-down between the company’s principals and their attorney. There is no doubt that the dynamics of an in-person discussion often prove to be more fruitful and revealing than what is accomplished in a telephone call. Premium Plan clients can count on one in-person conference, free of charge, each month if they desire.

Contingency Fees. WL has decided to eliminate billable hours from its collection work for Premium Plan clients. Our reluctance has always been that we did not want to accept the business risk of devoting significant time to chasing our client’s worst, most judgment-proof credit mistakes. (OK, so we still don’t want to.) As a law firm which literally wrote the book on collections in Maryland we will offer the service of straight one-third contingency fee collections to our Premium Plan clients for up to 20 active claims at any one time. All you pay are the court costs and filing fees and we will take the cases through to judgment.

5% Billable Hour Reduction. Much as we would like to, we can’t do away with billable hours entirely. There are certain matters, including complex litigation, on which we are unable to offer either a flat fee or an alternative fee arrangement. For those matters, Premium Plan clients will receive a 5% discount for each month of their participation.

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