Legal Audit

There’s a story, recounted by Mitch Albom in Have a Little Faith about a man who was looking for work as a farm hand. He carried with him a rather curious recommendation from his former employer which read only: “he sleeps in a storm.” Desperate for help, the farm owner hired him.

Several nights, a tremendous wind kicked up, harbinger of a violent storm to come. Awakened by the swirling rain and howling wind, the farmer leapt out of bed to look for his new farm hand. He looked in the barn, and found that the animals were secure with plenty of feed. He ran out to the field and saw the bales of wheat had been bound and wrapped in tarpaulins. He raced to silo and found the doors latched and the grain was dry.

Only then did he understand: “he sleeps in a storm.”

We developed our legal audits to find and report on the risks to your company. We tell you the front-burner concerns and those which can fall into the “when I get to it” category.

Afterwards, we would sit down with you and your management team to devise a measured, practical approach to strengthening your company. Once you’re finished, you too, will be able to sleep in a storm.

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