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  • Presentations That Inspire Action

    Rarely do people show up to hear a lawyer speak and leave not only having learned something, but feeling motivated. In each of his presentations, Eliot combines intricate knowledge of his subject with a lively approach, bottom line business philosophy… Read More

  • Legal Audit

    There’s a story, recounted by Mitch Albom in Have a Little Faith about a man who was looking for work as a farm hand. He carried with him a rather curious recommendation from his former employer which read only: “he… Read More

  • EHP In-House Counsel Program

    Most small and mid-sized companies don’t want to add six figures to the payroll to employ in-house counsel. But what if you did? What if you had a lawyer on payroll, sitting in the office right next door, door open,… Read More

  • No-Cost Consultation

    Business owners have enough to worry about without having to pay a cover charge just to find out if they need a lawyer. We don’t believe in charging a fee unless we’re sure that we can provide value.  That’s why… Read More

  • Empty Hourglass Program

    We designed EHP to handle those day-to-day questions that arise in every company. As our clients tell us, not a day goes by when someone in their organization doesn’t want to “run it by legal” if only they wouldn’t get… Read More