Presentations That Inspire Action

Rarely do people show up to hear a lawyer speak and leave not only having learned something, but feeling motivated.

In each of his presentations, Eliot combines intricate knowledge of his subject with a lively approach, bottom line business philosophy and humor.

Eliot’s presentations run the gamut from full eight-hour continuing education workshops and masters-level courses to one-hour seminars and he has appeared before audiences ranging from 15 to several hundred.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Law
  • Social Media
  • Customer/Client Service
  • Employment & HR
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • The Art of Getting Paid
  • Preparing Your Company for Sale
  • Small Business – Motivational
  • Leadership & Core Values

What past talk attendees have to say:

Attendees of Fundamentals of Construction Contracts in Maryland for Lorman Education Services – November 2014:

  • Mr. Wagonheim was very good, well worth the day alone!
  • Glad I came back after lunch. Last two hours with Eliot Wagonheim were fantastic.

Attendees at 30 Tips in 90 Minutes for the Construction Financial Management Association, February 2014:

  • “Hands down the best 90 minute seminar I have ever attended in my working career, which spans more decades than I care to remember. Our departmental Project Managers [who] attended echoed my opinion.”
    (Craig Russell, Operations Manager, Fidelity Mechanical Services)

Attendees at Fundamentals of Construction Contracts for Lorman Education Services – November 2013:

  • “Mr. Wagonheim is very dynamic and keeps it interesting.”
  • “Mr. Wagonheim was an excellent speaker”
  • “Mr. Wagonheim was a phenomenal speaker and kept my attention!”

Following a presentation at Susquehanna Bank, June 2013:

  • “You are a gifted and talented speaker. Everyone on our team said the nicest compliments about your presentation. Who knew loan documentation training could produce that much laughter?”
    (Nicole Bliss, Vice President/Market Manager)


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